Enerpac is a globally known company and for a good reason. Recognised today as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-pressure hydraulic tools, Enerpac has existed in some form for more than a century. Since the early days of supplying water pumps to Ford Motor Company (for use in the Model T, the world’s first automobile), Enerpac has been front and centre in the world of hydraulics. If you use hydraulic tools on your worksite—from gantries to jacks to lifting systems and bolting tools—then you probably have something from the Enerpac brand.

South West Hydraulics: Your ‘Enerpac Doctor’ in Sydney

At South West Hydraulics, we firmly believe that no company on the planet can rival Enerpac when it comes to quality hydraulic systems and solutions. Established 21 years ago, South West Hydraulics has been a proud distributor of Enerpac products for 20 of them. We are also an authorised repair centre for Enerpac tools, so if you need an Enerpac doctor in Sydney, we are the company for the job.

Indeed, in addition to distributing Enerpac cylinders and pumps throughout the Sydney area, we also offer a unique Enerpac doctor service to help industrial organisations maintain their Enerpac tools. We understand that malfunctioning tools and equipment breakdowns can lead to costly downtime or potential work safety hassles. Our Sydney Enerpac doctor service is designed to help counteract and prevent those possibilities.

How does it work? If you call us for an Enerpac doctor service, we will audit and test your tools to determine their current state. If repairs are necessary, we can provide them. If the device in question is not safe to use on the worksite, we will inform you honestly of that fact. We offer this service both on site (we come to you) and at our premises (you come to us), for maximum convenience and flexibility.

Ensure the Safety and Efficiency of Your Workplace with a Call to South West Hydraulics

Enerpac hydraulic tools are of such high-quality design and build that they can work well for years without much issue. Part of Enerpac’s brand reputation is that they make hydraulic tools that are safer and easier to operate than tools from their competitors. In other words, you can make your worksite or factory safer and more productive simply by purchasing Enerpac tools in the first place.

However, no tool can last forever without repairs or servicing. Don’t roll the dice and expect your tools to be ready and safe for every project. If it’s been a few years since you purchased or serviced your Enerpac hydraulic products, then it’s likely time for another audit and servicing. 

Call South West Hydraulics today to get the service you need for your hydraulic tools. Our one of a kind Sydney Enerpac doctor service will help you keep things as safe and efficient as possible on your worksite. When your project keeps rolling rather than halting for an equipment repair, you will be glad you took the time to do preventative maintenance on your tools.

Are you interested in our Enerpac doctor service in Sydney? If so, call South West Hydraulics today on (02) 9605 4199.