Get Quick Hydraulic Ram or Cylinder Repairs in Wollongong

Perhaps your hydraulic system has dipped noticeably in its performance, or maybe there is a leak somewhere in the system. In such scenarios, a broken or damaged hydraulic cylinder could be the culprit. Having someone on the speed dial who can perform hydraulic cylinder repairs in Wollongong is a great way towards getting your system back up to its optimal level of performance.


What to Expect from a South West Hydraulics Repair Service


At South West Hydraulics, we service both hydraulic rams and hydraulic cylinders in Wollongong. If your system is leaking, slowing down, or otherwise showing signs of entropy, then giving us a call is a good place to start. We will inspect your rams and cylinders, identify signs of damage, recommend the best step to take next (whether it's a repair or a replacement) and service the component.

In some cases, we will be able to repair your hydraulic ram or cylinder on site. In other cases, we must take the part in question back to our workshop for further inspection and in-house machining. In both instances, you can expect fast turnaround when you engage the services of South West Hydraulics. We have been working in this industry for more than two decades now. To this day, we still sell, service and repair hydraulic tools and components for a vast range of brands—including Enerpac, Parker, Sundstrand and many others.

South West Hydraulics is even an authorised distributor and repair centre for Enerpac. If your cylinders or rams are from Enerpac, you can count on us to provide brand-quality repairs and inspections. We know Enerpac products better than any other company in the Wollongong area.

Call South West Hydraulics for Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs on a Huge Range of Brands in Wollongong

While South West Hydraulics is known particularly for providing Enerpac hydraulic ram repairs in Wollongong, our experience and expertise goes far beyond the Enerpac range. Indeed, what our 21 years in business have taught us is that supporting every brand possible is the best way to satisfy every customer. Add the many more years of combined experience that our technicians have—not to mention our vast range of hydraulic tools and genuine parts that we have available for purchase—and you can count on our help with any hydraulic cylinder in Wollongong.