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If you are in the market for dependable hydraulic systems, Hydac is one of the reliable brands. Founded all the way back in 1963, Hydac believes that our brand name and hydraulics, in general, have been inseparable for more than 50 years. At South West Hydraulics, we are proud to call ourselves Hydac distributors in Sydney. With so many years of proven quality and success, Hydac is truly an institution in the hydraulics market. It’s no wonder that so many industrial operations across the globe count on the Hydac name to keep their projects or operations moving.


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At South West Hydraulics, we have our protracted track record of proven service and performance. While we haven’t been around for 54 years like Hydac has, we have been serving the hydraulic needs of the Sydney, Newcastle, and Wollongong areas for 21 years. Between unbeatable customer service and a vast range of brands and hydraulic components, we are a dependable partner for any business or enterprise looking for hydraulic fluid technology.

Hydac is but one of the dozens of brands that we stock at South West Hydraulics. Still, if you are looking for a specific type of Hydac system in Sydney, there is a good chance we have precisely what you need. From hydraulic accumulators to hydraulic filters, our Hydac range is extensive. All you need to do to find out what we have in stock is give us a call.

Over the years, Hydac’s hydraulic solutions have been implemented across virtually every industry. Indeed, Hydac systems are used for a wide range of applications, including wind energy, solar energy, machine-, and tool operation, agricultural work, excavation and earthmoving, loading, power plants and more. For instance, a Hydac accumulator in Sydney might be used to ease the vibrations in a large diesel engine, allowing for greater durability and performance.

In addition to all these existing applications, Hydac is consistently striving for innovations and patents. Not content to rely on past accomplishments and innovations to drive profits, Hydac is consistently pushing the hydraulics industry forward.

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Whether you are shopping for a hydraulic accumulator or a selected Hydac hydraulic filter, rely on Sydney’s South West Hydraulics as your supplier. Thanks to our 21 years of experience and our team’s vast knowledge of all things hydraulics, we can assist you in finding the right component for your purposes. From brand to system, all the way to the ideal size of the system, we can give you the advice you need to purchase the right hydraulic systems for your day to day applications.