From Oilpath Hydraulic Valves to Nachi Hydraulic Pumps, all the Way to Agricultural Hydraulic Cylinders, South West Hydraulics Is Your Sydney Supplier

Versatility and quality are two of our key values at South West Hydraulics. 21 years ago, we set out, not to be a niche business in Sydney, but a one stop hydraulics shop for all New South Wales. For any enterprise that needed hydraulics systems, we wanted to be a dependable source of both products and support. Two decades after establishment, we are proud to say that we have accomplished many of the goals we set out for ourselves back then.


A Versatile Hydraulics Supplier


Indeed, you can find virtually any type of hydraulics equipment at South West Hydraulics. Are you looking for Nachi hydraulics in Sydney? How about Oilpath hydraulics in Newcastle? We stock hydraulic systems and parts from dozens of different brands, including both Nachi and Oilpath.

Are you shopping for agricultural hydraulic cylinders in Sydney? How about hydraulic components for excavators or other construction equipment? Or hydraulics for power plant solutions? At South West Hydraulics, we have served enterprises and organisations in more industries than we can name.

The dynamic nature of South West Hydraulics makes us a natural partner for any hydraulics needs your business may have. From pumps to cylinders, valves to power units, we stock every type of hydraulic system you could need. If you have a specific brand in mind—or if you are maintaining an existing hydraulic system and need a replacement part for a specific type of machine—just let us know. We will find what you need within our massive parts warehouse.

Get 24/7 Service for Your Enerpac, Hydac, Nachi or Oilpath Hydraulics in Sydney

In addition to being a one stop shop for all types of hydraulic systems and components, South West Hydraulics is also a dependable repair centre. We know that the enterprises we work with depend on their hydraulics to keep their business operations running. From agricultural work to heavy lifting to bulk printing, many applications depend on reliable and consistent hydraulics. We try to provide this reliability and consistency by supplying our clients with the hydraulic systems most suited to their applications.

However, the fact is that no hydraulics system can last forever. Over time, wear and tear will set in, and your system will need maintenance or repairs. Luckily, South West Hydraulics is adept with that side of things as well. In fact, we offer 24/7 service for your hydraulic systems. Between our experienced technicians, our deep knowledge of different brands and tools and our huge stock of genuine replacement parts, we should be able to have your system up and running again in no time.