New Lathe

South West Hydraulics have geared up in 2014 with the addition of a brand new Lathe for our general machining work, and Cylinder Rod manufacture to three Inches Diameter.

We have also upgraded to a brand new Caterpillar three Ton Forklift Truck to assist material handling and the Workshop.

Supply arrangement with Oilpath

Milwaukee Cylinders USA

Milwaukee Cylinders USA is a long established and recognized supplier of highly engineered cylinder solutions and is a manufacturer of a standard range of steel and aluminum NFPA tie-rod cylinders for both hydraulic and pneumatic applications.

Milwaukee engineer many unique "specials" for very demanding applications over a wide range of Markets and Industry Segments.South West Hydraulic and Pneumatic Services have recently been appointed as a Distributor for the Milwaukee Cylinder range here in Australia and are pleased to have this as part of the extensive range.

We have also been repairing many Milwaukee Cylinders over the last 5-6 years here in Australia, by employing only genuine Milwaukee parts in the repairs.


Please click here to see the rules & regulations pertaining to accumulators for Work Cover requirements which follow. We have a Duty of Care to inform you of these requirements.

We can assist you with the periodic inspections, replacement accumulators, in house checks and tests in our workshop in conjunction with a Certified Boiler Inspector as per the requirements and ideally as part of our preventative maintenance hydraulic services offered.

This will ensure the Accumulator/s (Pressure Vessel) at your plant are brought up to current Australian Standards, so for Safety sake...

Don't leave it to chance.


South West Hydraulic & Pneumatic Services joins forces with Millers Oil (NSW) Pty Ltd to provide our Customers yet another service in the field of high Technology Oil filtration and condition monitoring services, please read on:


When Hydraulic & Lubricating Oils have reached the point where they would normally be replaced the choice can be made to replace the oils or have them filtered.

Benefits of Filtration

  1. The cost of filtration is less than half the cost of new oil.
  2. The filtered oil will be cleaner than new oil.
  3. No costs of storage or disposal of used oil.
  4. Labour resources not required to service the machine.
  5. No additives removed in the filtering process.
  6. Reduced breakdowns.
  7. Machines more efficient in operation.

Applications for oil filtration.

  1. As part of the normal maintenance routine.
  2. After failure of major components.
  3. When analysis reports indicate high levels of contamination.


Condition Monitoring is having samples of your oils on a machine by machine basis analysed by a Specialist Laboratory. The Laboratory produces a comprehensive “Oil Analysis Report”. The results are considered and compared to past results or to a sample of new oil. The results are held on file for future comparison.

The results of the oil analysis often give indications of potential machine failure situations. Sometimes remedial action can avert a breakdown, on other occasions repairs can be undertaken on a planned and timely basis.


A review of filtration methods on machines in different applications can be undertaken to reduce the amount of contaminants that make there way into the oil or are not effectively removed through the use of installed filtration devices.

This includes the air breather; blocked breathers can cause the reservoir to retain pressure which can lead to leaks and other failures. Ineffective breathers can allow the ingress of contaminants which leads to dirty oil, premature blockage of the filter and strainer. Each of these situations places additional load and wear on the machines components.

Filtration devices installed on the machines are reviewed. Alternative or additional devices can be recommended depending on the application, usage and environment.


Oil in service leaves a filmy residue on the walls and floor of oil reservoirs. Periodically this sludge needs to be removed from the system. Draining the tank does not remove the sludge which can be a source of contamination when refilled with clean oil. As the tank needs to be opened to undertake this process it is also a good opportunity to remove the pickup strainer for cleaning or replacing as required.


We have a ready source of supply of filters, strainers and other consumables. Custom built filters are also available.


As part of our service a visual inspection of machinery is undertaken. Areas of concern are highlighted to the client. Repairs can be undertaken on the clients behalf where required. This includes replacement hoses, seals, pressure gauges and other items depending on the application.

These services are provided by South West Hydraulics through our authorised sub contractor Millers Oil, and are an additional service we are able to offer our valued Customers.

Siro Pumps

South West Hydraulics has now been appointed Australian Distributors for Siro Pumps.

Siro stands for “ Silent Rotor

This and other unique features offer many benefits including:

  • Extreme low noise in operation
  • Well balanced for Longevity of components
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Large range of displacements (5.5 - 226 cc/rev )
  • Wide range of combinations and displacements available for both double and triple pumps
  • A robust high quality product proven in the arduous operating conditions with the Rail transport industry

With these features and more, it is little wonder that


Please contact our Sales Team for more information and price and availability on these units